TeliaSonera-France Telecom deal is no security risk says Swedish military

According to the Swedish military the potential acquisition of TeliaSonera by France Telecom will not bring security implications. As already known, the Swedish government is a 37 percent owner of TeliaSonera, and cited possible security concerns as their reason for not fully approving the takeover.

Last week, a statement from the Swedish military stated: “The defence forces judge that a change of the ownership in TeliaSonera, provided that sufficient measures are taken to ensure the security interests of the defence forces and other authorities, is feasible from a security perspective.”

So what’s it all about? Apparently what is ever deal in every business about; all that it boils down to is money. According to sources, TeliaSonera wants to get France Telecom to up its bid by another $2 billion so that the total reaches $44 billion.

Also in the bidding picture is Telenor, they too are showing an interest in TeliaSonera, so it’s more than likely TeliaSonera will be playing both interested parties off against each other until someone comes up with the exact amount TeliaSonera requires.

Its business, always has been, always will be, in the end money makes everything possible, all you have to do it hit the right figure and every problem vanishes. Someone will eventually purchase TeliaSonera, it’s just a matter of who is prepared to hit that magical TeliaSonera figure.

Source — Reuters


One thought on “TeliaSonera-France Telecom deal is no security risk says Swedish military”

  1. if FT buys the swedish gang, then all responsibility for their criminal busiess practices will be passed to France Telecom. Are you really looking for business deeply dependant on corruption and bribery links with governments.

    When almost 10 years ago the Swedish and Finnish governments ‘PRIVITIZED’ (?!!!) our national incumbent nobody was expecting that the most cynic, mafia style business had just entered the market. From money laundring, kicking of small competitors out of business to spying the whole country (the criminal ACB/ITSS project conducted buy TeliaSonera and Cibertek, Costa Rica ) this government run business do whatever dirty job that generates profit.

    No matter how long it takes, no matter how much efforts it will take us, TeliaSonera will have to respond for their criminal activities against our companies!


    STOP IT NOW!!!

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