Video: Apple is now Futuristic, iRobot Military Packbot controlled via iPhone

Now this video below is hot and we mean hot, it shows that the robot is working efficiently whilst in control via the Apple iPhone 3G. This is not child’s-play this is now the real deal.

iRobot’s Military Packbot is being controlled by the iPhone via WiFi, obviously the iPhone has been customized and the controls are working in real time thanks to a simple iPhone application which has been developed by two students from the University of South Florida. The video shows all the action of how it works; it clearly shows the iPhone’s accelerometer for panning and zooming while the awesome touchscreen controls are used to indicate movement to the iRobot Military Packbot. How far is this iPhone going in the way of future technology, is there nothing this mobile phone cannot do? So the iPhone can control things, bet it cannot control the Euro Fighter Jet Aircraft. Game on as they say.

When you think about it, technology for the iPhone is mind blowing and we know damn well it will not stop there; it will keep evolving into something beyond imaginable. Where do you think the Apple iPhone will be in say 5 years? Please watch the video below and enjoy, do come back and comment. This is awesome and obviously want to see more hi-tech stuff going on in the near future.

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