Scalado imaging technology licensed for the Symbian OS

Symbian is officially to sign a licensing agreement with Scalado to bring Scalado’s “state of the art image handling capabilities” to the Symbian operating system. Scalado’s solution for Symbian OS should dramatically improve Symbian’s image performance for the higher megapixel images.

Scalado delivers fast rendering, rotation, scaling, and superior editing features along with reducred memory consumption. More importantly though is Scalado’s patented Random Access JPEG tech which allows imaging operations to happen while the image is still in compressed form which results in greatly reduced RAM consumption.

Scalado “focuses on making camera phones more efficient and valuable for end-users, enabling them to turn their photos into true works of art.”

CEO of Scalado, Mats Jacobson, said: “Consumers today expect mobile phone cameras to perform just as well as digital still cameras. Building on our existing long and fruitful partnership, this new initiative sees Symbian and Scalado working together to ensure that the leading mobile OS will deliver the beauty of high quality and high speed image handling with full connectivity and sharing options to consumers.”

While the Executive Vice-President, Marketing, Symbian, Jørgen Behrens, commented: “This licensing agreement will benefit both handset vendors and end-users – reducing cost and memory consumption in handset development and offering advanced image handling capabilities in high megapixel camera devices to end-users. It’s another great demonstration of our commitment to offering the best mobile technology possible in Symbian OS and to helping the mobile industry succeed.”

Symbian is to offer Symbian OS with the Scalado tech built in at no additional royalty to the Symbian OS licensees, and will begin at Symbian OS 9.3 and higher.

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Source – intomobile

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