China Mobile told to accelerate TD-SCDMA by government

The Olympic Games are approaching, and the Chinese government seem to be a little concerned that their largest mobile operation won’t be ready for the 3G mobile service, thus it has urged China’s biggest mobile operator, China Mobile to get their finger out and accelerate their TD-SCDMA preparations to make sure the 3G mobile service it completely ready for the Olympic Games.

The Xinhua news agency has stated that China Mobile has been asked by the Chinese government to upgrade TD-SCDMA networks, improve TD-SCDMA terminals and expand promotional activity.

TD-SCDMA is a 3G mobile telecommunications standard being pursued in China by CATT, the Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Siemens AG, and Datang, the reason for this pursuance is so China doesn’t have to depend on Western technology, and it is based on spread spectrum technology.

Well China Mobile have what, about 46 days to go before the Olympics kicks off in Beijing, shouldn’t be too much of a problem for them to get ready should it? Other than that there is very little detail on what China Mobile is going to do, so I figure they will be working towards getting the TD-CSCDMA in ship shape ready for the Beijing Olympic Games. If not then I presume the Chinese government will not be too pleased, so it wait and see if China Mobile are ready by August 24th 2008.

Source — Forbes

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