Free Mobile Phone Game offers through Facebook: Access to 800 Games

Good news if you are a Facebook social network user and those who lobe mobile phone games, a PR firm is offering free mobile games through Facebook. This all new Philippine-based start-up is joining the world of Facebook application developers, seeing as they have just announced a new application that will now let users share free mobile games with other friends in the awesome and most popular social network community.

After following the launch of advertising-supported free mobile games, giants Ubersoft Inc has now created a customized Facebook application that will give all you registered subscriber’s access to around about 800 games. Just so you know Ubersoft is a web and mobile application development company with affiliates in San Francisco, California, USA. All these mobile games are listed on its FaceBook application and are the same games that are available on the company’s Swoopin’s WAP site or mobile site.

So you can now download free mobile games for your profile to your mobile phone and even share them with friends, so good news so far. FaceBook is one of the largest online community sites in the world which is popular for all walks of life being it personal and or for business, we all know that there are millions of applications on their and obviously even more will come, free mobile game offers great fun for everyone. For more information please read more here.

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