Telstra to drag heels in selling the Apple iPhone 3G to Australia?

News is over in Australia when Apple open their new Apple store, and Australia launches the Apple iPhone 3G in July, Optus and Vodafone will be on the ball but Telstra, “the gorilla of the telco market” will be at the launch but will maybe lag behind Optus and Vodafone in making the iPhone 3G available by up to two weeks.

According to Sainsbury and Kennedy who report for Australian IT: “Telstra will join Optus and Vodafone in launching the new 3G version of Apple’s new iPhone in July and Telstra chief Sol Trujillo may make an announcement next week. Vodafone and Optus will begin selling the iPhone on July 11 and the much hyped widget will likely drive plenty of feet through Apple’s new CBD Sydney retail store which dwarfs Telstra’s new concept store directly across the road. Apple’s shop opened this evening, with Apple tragics coming from as far afield as San Francisco to witness the event.”

They went further to report: “Telstra stayed quiet as its rivals wracked up marketing points by standing in the glow of the local iPhone launch, but will now go ahead and sell the device according to people close to the company. The telco is targeting a date of July 22, they said.”

Ok, so what’s the big deal here? So Telstra is going to be a couple of weeks late, I’m fairly sure there are more than enough people in Australia for there still to be a demand for the Apple iPhone 3G on or around the 22nd July, right?

Source — macdailynews


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  1. Okay, I am Rob I Test and review mobile phones. If you ask me, the Iphone has been abit of a problem ever since it came out, but apple insist that it’s a great phone, but it’s not!
    The original came out far too soon and it flooded the market so quickly that no one could return them, and if they did they would just resell them again, this new one has a faster internat connection, we know it’s redicticus, daft and stupid to have what is bascily an Ipod touch with a phone in it, Apple Iphone is expensive and you can’t video call and it doesnt support bluetooth! It’s for people who have no friends and also for business men, Please do not buy it, it’s really bad!

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