Exclusive: Mobile Phone racing teaser videos, a new craze sweeping the world

We have three teaser videos of a brand new craze sweeping the world that will put smiles on your faces. Welcome to “Mobile Phone Racing”. The videos which you can watch below are little teasers of what is about to happen which we say are funny and will potentially start a new fad.

The videos are very cool indeed and had me laughing my head of, the teaser videos are leading up to one main exclusive video and the end of the month for a well named phone company, we will not tell you who that is yet because it is all hush hush at the moment. I will not tell you what the videos contain here because that will spoil the fun factor, we want you to watch them then just tell us what you think. We had the email sent to us containing this from Hot Cherry.

This is the best racing you will ever see, stuff Grand Prix that is boring compared to these teaser videos, roll on the main video at the end of the month. Let me say one of the videos contains lubricant gel and condoms, plus a couple of phones, what a cool way to race mobile phones, who will be the winner.

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