Vodafone India letting customers pre-register for iPhone 3G: No Indian launch date

There are no dates of when the Apple iPhone 3G will launch as of yet in India but you can register your interest, which is great news because that means the date is near.

Vodafone has now started pre-registering customers for the all new Apple iPhone 3G and they are promising that the iPhone 3G will be available pretty soon, Vodafone has not yet disclosed any information on the exact dates that it will be available for customers. The final guidelines on the auction of the 3G iphone, spectrum and licenses in India have not been issued by the Indian government yet. The main issue here that is holding it up is the decision on whether foreign companies can bid for the license.

Vodafone on the other hand are already an operator in India following its acquisition of a majority stake in mobile services company Hutchison Essar, which has been in fact renamed as Vodafone Essar. There was an advertisement in The Times of India and on their website as well showing that the company is offering the pre-register customers for the iPhone 3G, there is a major downside though and that is the caution of the Apple iPhone 3G is currently compatible with only 2G networks, some of the features may not work in India either.

Will you be buying the Apple iPhone 3G in India?



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