O2 to open store doors at 7am UK time for sale of Apple iPhone 3G

We have already reported today that the Apple iPhone 3G launch is 8am local time in the States (See Here) which is obviously unconfirmed, well now we have heard of another rumour that iPhone 3G will go on sale in the UK at 7am.

Oh yes if this is true then happy days as they say, O2 retail stores are apparently opening their doors at 7am UK time according to an O2 staff member. The date is July 11th, the time 7am. The what we call iPhone iSpectacular day is going to be a busy day no matter what times they open the door, but 7am is a good time and with the rumoured time of 8am we here in the UK and those in the U.S will be happy bunnies.

Just so you know news has it that other than the early opening times all O2 stores in the UK from July 1 and onwards it will be all live for you for the signing of contract processing for the new iPhone, with both contractual deals and credit checking all subscribers can just walk in the store on the 11th of July and collect their brand new Apple iPhone 3G. No delays no fuss, pure easy way of getting the device quickly.



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  1. niall says:

    I just spoke to o2 select call centre the guy said they will contact people interested in iphone to get there contract set up before the 11th and then arrange for the phone to be delivered the day of the release to you door!!!!!!!!!!

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