Apple iPhone 3G launch is 8am local time Unconfirmed: What time would you prefer?

The first Apple iPhone launch time was 6pm in the UK and customers were flocking in the masses, well according to unconfirmed reports store managers of AT&T received emails saying that the Apple iPhone 3G will launch at 8:00 AM local time on July 11th unlike lasts years 6pm time.

The time apparently is 8:00 AM CT, we will try everything in our power to find out the real official time, obviously when this is confirmed. We will all have to wait to see if this email is for real, if the launch is first thing in the morning at 8am nationwide we have to say is a much better time, all we know is on July 11th which is a Friday how many people do you think will not turn up for work? Apple store staff have not yet been told of any times as far as we can see, we are guessing that the time will be like last years 6PM, Apple is expected however to be briefed at their retail stores on July 6th regarding MobileMe and the Apple iPhone 3G.

So sit back, be patient and we will give you an update soon as we find out about it, would you prefer 8am or 6pm for the launch? I personally would prefer 8am as that would suit me down to the ground.

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