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ThinkFree Online for Apple iPhone is also known as “guu” and is a new experimental web service for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch. So what is guu, well it is a service for viewing office documents that you store at ThinkFree Online, and is a different service to the ThinkFree Mobile.

Guu is actually a type of mashup, which is a website that combines content from more than a single source and integrates it. Guu was constructed with OpenAPIs of their conversion server, and at present these APIs are available only to partners, however they will be published to third-party and personal developers in the near future.

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And now ThinkFree Labs have developed an application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and have created an online demo service which will allow Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users to check online documents such as .doc .ppt .xls on either mobile handset. The demonstration service has been created to let individuals test the new guu service on their iPhone or iPod Touch, thus allowing them to gain further insight into the new ThinkFree Online application.

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ThinkFree Labs is a website designed to let users check out the latest technology developments behind the scenes. They are a leading developer in online and cross platform productivity solutions.

thinkfree iphone

ThinkFree Labs asked the winners of a UCC contest to try out guu on their Apple iPod Touch and this is want one winner came back with… “Logging in can be a little time consuming when trying to enter your userID and password using the small keyboard on the itouch. The ‘Remember me’ option helps, but if you login somewhere else, you have to type the information all over again. Once I was logged in to my ThinkFree account, everything flowed nicely. The first thing you see is all your list of files and folders. Once you click on a document, it opens up on a 2nd screen which allows you to navigate back to your menu to see your other documents. Opening several documents displays each document as a smaller size allowing you to get a glimpse of each file.”

Want to try out ThinkFree on your iPhone or iPod Touch? The demo is available here

And there are a couple of demo videos for you to watch below

Source — ThinkFree Online

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