Recap: O2 Apple iPhone customers can upgrade prior to July 11th, get your iPhone free

We have mentioned this before so we thought we would give you a recap. Good news for all you existing O2 Apple iPhone customers because we have seen on the O2 site saying “Existing iPhone customers can upgrade early to the new iPhone 3G for free”, this is brilliant because it means you can upgrade prior to July 11th.

O2 are offering you the chance to upgrade early for the iPhone 3G when it launches on the 11th July and this means you do not have to wait till your contract ends, it does mean however by upgrading early you will have to sign a new 18-month minimum term contract. Best of all, the new 8GB iPhone 3G won’t cost you a penny on our £45 and £75 Pay Monthly tariffs for iPhone. And it’s just £99 on our £35 tariff and new £30 tariff. This special early upgrade offer is only available online at o2.co.uk anytime from 11th July until 11th October 2008.

You can register you interest here right now for the iPhone 3G, right let me tell you a little bit about “Don’t need 2 iPhones!”, O2 want to make sure you find a good home for your existing iPhone once you upgrade. If you’ve a friend or family member already on an eligible O2 tariff, they’ll be able to transfer to one of our new tariffs for iPhone. If they’re not already with O2 or on an eligible O2 tariff, they could get one of our new iPhone Pay & Go SIM cards. Apple is set to launch the iPhone 3G on July 11th in 20 countries. Reports of the mandatory contract agreements at the time of iPhone 3G purchase have many worried about the logistics of executing this plan on launch day.


2 thoughts on “Recap: O2 Apple iPhone customers can upgrade prior to July 11th, get your iPhone free”

  1. Faye says:

    Early upgrade means your contract is terminated before it’s due to. Most of us have had iPhones for less than 6 months. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get your mitts on one before the 11th July. I think that would be verboten by Big Steve.

    We’re due information in early July about how the upgrade will work, but we’ve no more information than that yet. Perhaps a recap when that information is actually out would be useful?

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