Can Google Android beat the Apple iPhone & Nokia? Open Handset Alliance War

I know we are talking about this a lot at the moment but we have reasons, the reasons go by the names of Google Android, Apple iphone, Nokia free software and Open Handset Alliance. Mobile phones that will be based on Google’s Android operating system will be coming at the end of this year and to tell you the truth cannot wait, we really want to see what this is all about and if it is as good and what is written on paper.

Android is running a little behind schedule but we should all see it at the end of 2008 (Hopefully) this is all down to Google and carriers having a little moan of what it should indeed be. Personally Google have some amazing challenges on the way and they think it will be easy, not a chance is my personal view. Google has no handset or even wireless experiences which means the whole Android project will depend on mobile carriers and mobile phone makers, there will be continuing conflicts with goals. The Google Android project will indeed extend the growing needs and domination of search advertising to steal new field of mobile ads.

We all know that Verizon has a lot of interest in open handsets, but instead of joining with Google and the Open Handset Alliance it has aligned with LiMo Foundation and its mobile Linux efforts, oh and of course the Nokia decision to highly promote free mobile software (royalty-free distribution) of the Symbian OS which is another major thing that Android has to contend with. The open source Apple iPhone will have so many developers making many apps which makes this handset the favoured at the moment, all the above will all be answered in time, let us all wait for Android to hit us in the face at the end of the year.

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