O2 iPhone 3G Pay and Go (PAYG) pricing plans: 8GB £299.99, 16GB £359.99

O2 will be offering customers the Apple iPhone 3G in the UK on the Pay and Go (PAYG) pre-paid option, at the moment there is no pricing details on the O2 UK website but word has it via a source (Shown below) what the prices will be for this option without contract.

The 8GB Apple iPhone 3G will be available for £299.99 (about $600) and the 16GB iPhone 3G will be £359.99 (about $700), and yes both without contracts, just pay and then go. The O2 “Pay & Go” pre-pay option for this device comes bundled with 6 months of unlimited WiFi hotspot access and web browsing, after which the unlimited data package was apparently priced at just £10. It is all good with the pre-paid offering from O2, because it means that customers who cannot afford to pay for 18 month contracts will get the chance to own the iPhone 3G also, and must admit the price is pretty reasonable as well.

It seems O2 has taken down the iPhone 3G “Pay & Go” pricing information off their website, so we are hoping that the prices we have given you above are the true figures. We will keep you updated on this one. For now, O2 is asking potential customers to register to be notified of any further updates on the iPhone 3G’s arrival in the UK.

Will you be buying the contract or Pay and Go iPhone 3G?

Source — World of Apple


4 thoughts on “O2 iPhone 3G Pay and Go (PAYG) pricing plans: 8GB £299.99, 16GB £359.99”

  1. Not a bad price if it’s true. Compare with paying around £700 over the course of an 18 month contract (on the £30 tariff + phone at £159) for the 32GB model. A saving of £340.

    Although, that doesn’t take into account any call charges, etc. But for someone like me, with no friends, it seems like a good option 🙂

  2. iphone 3g says:

    the new iphone will be about £100 for the 8gb as they will be $200.
    they will be xpensive for the internet unless u use wifi for free 🙂

    but overall they will come to the uk for abour £100 to £150 max for the iphone 3g 8gb

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