One of the worlds tiniest Bluetooth headsets launches from Celleden

The UK sees another new Bluetooth headset today, the “Ultra Compact” Bluetooth headset from Celleden, who describe the “Ultra Compact” as “stylish and discreet”, and apparently it is aimed at those people who wish to stay connected in a wireless way, but doesn’t wish an uncomfortable heavy headset. Somehow I think most people who use Bluetooth headsets want them “stylish and discreet”, and not some huge chunk of techno-metal hanging off their ear…Star Trek’s Lt Uhura being the exception.

Celleden boasts that this device can hardly be seen or felt, and well yes it is very tiny at barely larger than a twenty pence piece, with a weight of 6.5 grams…Yep that’s lightweight and tiny alright, making it one of the lightest Bluetooth earpieces in the world. The Celleden “Ultra Compact” measures 35 x 20 x 7.5mm

As for specs, the Celleden “Ultra Compact” will bring you around four hours of talk time and about fifty hours of standby time, and has a range of approximately ten metres. This tiny lightweight Bluetooth headset is available in white and black, and comes with its own compact charging unit.

In the box you will find the “Ultra Compact” headset, ear clip, charging base, DC adaptor for in-car charging, USB power cable, quick guild and user guide. You can get hold of the tiny Celleden “Ultra Compact” Bluetooth headset right now, with a price tag of about £30.00 from various retailers.

Source — pocket-lint

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