Thank you to PS3 Daily, Playstation 3 Heaven

We just want to say a massive thanks to PS3 Daily for sponsoring Phones Review and a nice way to say thanks is to tell you a little about them.

PS3 Daily is what we would call Playstation 3 heaven because the site is run by a team that are indeed dedicated or should we say in love of video games, all the latest news, the gaming platforms and obviously the buzz surrounding the Playstation 3. They want to bring you everything possible that surrounds the PS3, they are delivering unbiased reports of Playstation 3 breaking news, they also say on their about us page that they report on the latest hardware, game trailers, Blu-rays, game news and reviews, which in our eyes should be a fantastic place to be.

We know how much the gaming world has dominated lives and how much people play games to relax and have fun, the Sony PS3 is a huge selling console that has a huge following, so it is very good to see a site dedicating itself solely on the Playstation 3. PS3 Daily will keep you up to date on all the latest game and Blu-ray releases, new software updates, all the new PS3 hardware coming out and so much more.

So once again a big thanks to PS3 Daily, check them out right now and see what you think, we can see this site being a massive success with a huge following – PS3 Daily

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