T-Mobile hikes up texting charge to 20 cents

A little over a year ago T-Mobile bumped their messaging to 15 cents, well now it seems T-Mobile is once again at it by bumping the rate per message up to 20 cents for those people who go above their allotted monthly allowance.

For all those running an unlimited messaging plan this isn’t a problem, but there are loads of people who don’t run the unlimited messaging plan, and thus this bit of news could easily end up costing those people some extra cash when this pricing hike comes into effect on 29th August 08.

This could be T-Mobile just falling into line and following the apparent trend for hiking up texting prices going on within the mobile phone industry at present, as they all seem to be hitting the texter at the moment; or it could be that they are simply greedy and wish to make more profit over the huge amount of profit most mobile phone companies are making anyway, as usual it’s always the little guy that pays in the end.

Whatever the reason for price hikes they still hurt the mobile user, who has little choice to accept and pay the increases if they wish to continue to text; the only real way to get past it is to purchase one of the unlimited messaging plans they have on offer.

Source — T-Mobile

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