Undecided on the Apple iPhone 3G? Here is a Walkthrough tour video

Not many days to go until the floodgate open and a tsunami of hot and sweaty Apple iPhone 3G hungry bodies assault the doors of every supplier throughout the world, eager to get their grubby hands of the latest most exciting mobile phone to hit the mobile world.

A matter of days before people in their millions pitch tents, camp out in sleeping bags and line the streets waiting patiently for the first signs of life, the shop assistant with the keys that will unleash a tirade of fevered beings upon the mobile phone shop assistants, and all in a pandemonium for their new sparkling Apple iPhone 3G handset.

Streets will become deserted as the masses all happily play with their new iPhone hugging it lovingly to their breasts, knowing they are the proud owner, and have lined Apple’s bank account willingly for the latest in technological marvels.


Well if you have made your mind up to give an Apple iPhone 3G a loving home, or if you are still pondering whether to do so, we have a little Apple iPhone 3G walkthrough/tour video for you. I’m guessing Apple put out this final video in a last attempt to convince you to part with that hard earned $199.00 they are asking.

So if you are still undecided, how dare you be, take a gander at the video, it may help you make up your mind.

Source — mobilewhack

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