Flash Lite successfully ported to the Apple iPhone? Video

Flash Lite for the Apple iPhone? Apparently Thomas Joos has successfully managed to place Flash Lite onto the Apple iPhone. This means there is a strong possibility that the real deal with Flash support could happen in the future, although whether it will be officially approved by Apple or a jailbrake based Flash solution remains to be seen.

So Joos porting this pared down Adobe Flash client to the Apple iPhone as a native app makes it possible for the iPhone user to interact with Flash based webpages. So what was the motivation for Joos to work on bringing Adobe Flash Lite to the iconic iPhone? Apparently he wanted to make sure his “Rock Werchter Mobile Guide”; a mobile phone based music festival handbook had the ability to reach a wider audience.

Joos’s guide requires a Flash Lite-enabled device, and since he wanted to reach the iPhone and iPod touch audience, he ported the environment to Mobile OS X.

After much technical wrangling back and forth, Joos managed to bring the native Flash Lite client passes code to the Apple iPhone via eyeGT for rendering. eyeGT allows definition of buttons, animations, hierarchical containers, colour and special effects, and the like. It works on the iPhone/iPod touch as well as several other mobile devices.

So, hopes for a full Flash for the Apple iPhone is looking somewhat better for the future. Video demo below so you can see what the Flash Lite is like.

Source — iphoneatlas

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