Apple iPhone 3G Commercial Video finally aired on TV

Now we have the new Apple iPhone 3G commercial video for you all to watch and yes it is only 30 seconds long, so enjoy what you can.

The new Apple iPhone 3G commercial is nothing new as we have all seen it before, but the reason we are mentioning it again is because this commercial has finally been aired on U.S TV.

So Apple finally begins airing iPhone 3G commercial, why Apple took so long to do this is beyond us, but hey they must have their reasons.

Anyway forget the reasons just enjoy the 30 second video below, the script basically says “It’s finally here. The first phone to beat the iPhone, it surfs the web and downloads data twice as fast for half the price. Introducing the iPhone 3G!

Are you all looking forward to Friday coming, as this will be the day the iPhone 3G will be officially sold.

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