Apple iPhone 3G Live Photos out of the box: Are you drooling?

We have some pretty special photos of the Apple iPhone 3G getting unboxed thanks to iPhonePortugal, yes we have all seen press photos of the new iPhone but not live out of the box ones.

We know that many of you cannot wait to get your hands on the stunning iPhone 3G so here are some pictures for you to drool over whilst you wait for the big day, which is Friday.
These unboxing pictures are great and these are just a few of an apparent 16 pictures which will be shown some time this week, the Apple iPhone 3G is the most talked about phone at the moment and on a personal not cannot wait to get my ass down to the store to obtain one.

Yes of course we have tried hard to get one sent early so we can review it for you, but hey you know Apple they do not need to send promotional phones, they are self promoting apparently.

Anyway please enjoy the photos below, and just a reminder we will be at the Farnborough, Hampshire O2 store on Friday, just a store we chose instead of a London one.

iphone 3g unboxed 1


iphone 3g unboxed 2




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