Is New Zealand getting bum deal from Vodafone iPhone 3G? Pricing

We want to know if all those in New Zealand are getting a bum deal when it comes to the pricing break down from Vodafone on the Apple iPhone 3G.

This is an exclusive device and as we all know shortages will happen and has already in the UK, but when it comes to Vodafone pricing they should really tread thinly especially after the Rogers Fallout Rumours.

Here is the Vodafone price break down for you, on the full maxed-out plan you can pick up the 16GB iPhone 3G for $349 and pay $250 a month, this will get you 600 anytime minutes, 600 texts, and 1GB of data.

That basically works out to be $189 for the plan in US currency and $264 for the iPhone 3G handset, AT&T charge $299 so seems not too bad really on Vodafone.

But break it down a little further we all know that Americans are paying out $149.99 which will get them unlimited data, unlimited voice and unlimited texts, which come on they do not mind paying the $35 extra up front (Well that is what we think anyway).

So is this a raw deal for New Zealand customers?



One thought on “Is New Zealand getting bum deal from Vodafone iPhone 3G? Pricing”

  1. Sam in NZ says:

    YES, this is a BUM deal with a capital B! It sucks! I’m an iPhone first gen user in NZ, the only way I’m able to use it is because I’ve cracked it, but the data is so expensive I don’t use any data except via WiFi. I hoped to upgrade to an official 3G version, but with these plans… It’s just not an option. Very disappointed. Vodafone NZ has lost this customer’s business unless they change their strategies vastly.

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