Apple iPhone 3G: skip long lines and enjoy the weekend

Now we here at Phones Review wish for you to have a good weekend, but obviously if you are going to get the Apple iPhone 3G some of you will have a pretty bad one.

What we are trying to say is, tomorrow July 11th the day the iPhone 3G will officially be on sale will see many of you queuing up for hours and hours, and trust us many of you will go back Saturday and Sunday due to lack of stock.

There will be many of you going tomorrow only to be turned away from stores what ever country you are in meaning that you will go back again over the weekend, maybe you will not even get the chance to have the iPhone 3G at all over the weekend.

Personally a few of us are going to a couple of stores in the UK and see where we go from there, we will report on how the day went.

If you want some good advice, do not bother going tomorrow or Saturday and even Sunday. Wait till about mid-week then go down there. If you gave it about a week or two the buzz would have died down a little which means you can walk straight into a store and back out again.

What are you going to do?

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