Breaking O2 News Update July 10: Apple iPhone 3G Stock is Limited, Pathetic

We have the latest news via the O2 UK online store and it seems to be more bad news than good, the interest in the Apple iPhone 3G is astonishing and it seems they cannot cope with such high demands. This is what O2 had to say.

They are thanking customers for their interest in the iPhone 3G and yes they are saying that they are experiencing unprecedented demand for the device, but they are saying they are confident that all customers who wish to have one of these devices will do so by the end of the summer.

O2 are saying that initial supply is limited and will be for some weeks, there are a few things you need to know.

iphone 3g o2

O2 and Carphone Warehouse (CPW) stores will have limited numbers of iPhone 3G this Friday 11 July. On an average they will only have a few dozen iPhone 3G’s per store, they are saying that some stores might have more and some will have less dependant on the stores size, they will sell out quickly so they are offering one per customer and two for business customers.

Some stores will be opening at 8.02am on Friday 11th; some stores may be opening a little later.

If you are going to an O2 store you will need to take 2 forms of identification, a valid credit or debit card and proof of address. If you are new to O2 you will also need to pass a credit check if you sign up for an iPhone 3G contract. The average sales transaction processing time will be 20 minutes.

Apple will be selling iPhone 3Gs in their stores, but you must know that existing O2 customers can only upgrade in an O2 or CPW store. You cannot upgrade in an Apple store.

O2 are saying they are working closely with Apple to get additional iPhone 3Gs. These phones will be coming in on a weekly basis. They will keep you posted on specific details by updating their web page regularly.

At the moment they are stating that they are currently out of stock of the Apple iPhone 3G devices via their on-line store, they will be updating through www.o2.co.uk when more information becomes available.

If like me you are an existing iPhone user, you should know that you can enjoy many new features by upgrading your software to version 2.0 from 11 July through iTunes.

O2 are saying sorry that they cannot meet all demands as quick as they would like to, and they are saying when you do get your Apple iPhone 3G you will agree it is worth the wait.

Phones Review Says: Ok O2 you are saying sorry to customers for the lack of iPhone 3G’s but come on this is not good enough. We are not pointing fingers in your direction but the Apple iPhone 3G was always going to be in such high demand; everyone should have been ready for this. It seems all the hype build up was pointless, Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse in the UK should have been more prepared not alone all the other countries.


3 thoughts on “Breaking O2 News Update July 10: Apple iPhone 3G Stock is Limited, Pathetic”

  1. Rob G says:

    c’mon… when W H Smith sells out of harry potter books, they dont get ridiculed… When a theatre sells out of tickets, you dont get people using words such as “pathetic” because “they should have seen this coming and built more seats”.

    The fact of the matter is simple- every major mobile company around the world who has the iphone 3G contract wants as many as possible. O2 have clearly got as many as they can and they’re selling out fast and probably pleading with Apple for more. What more can you expect them to do?

    No company with the handset “owes you an iphone”. There is supply and there is demand. Simple. The demand is spectacular and the supply, like anything else, is finite. You say that they “should have seen this coming”- surely so should everyone who wanted an iphone.

    (and if you’re wondering, yes, yes yes… I got an iphone after queueing on Friday :-))

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