Should I really buy an iPhone 3G? 8 reasons why you shouldn’t

Many of you are still pondering on the thought whether you should buy the Apple iPhone 3G or not, personally myself will be getting an upgrade, but sit back and think hard at the reasons why you should not.

We will give you the eight reasons why you should not because these are some of the reasons our readers have come up with. The Apple iPhone is the hype product of the year and many will either love it or will not.

The reasons you should not be standing outside a store to buy the Apple iPhone 3G:

1) The current Apple iPhone has the choice of the free firmware 2.0 update, this update basically covers most of what the 3G version will have, and do you really need to pay more monthly.

2) Do you really need a phone with GPS on it, especially if you are an AT&T customer, AT&T will know exactly where you are.

3) As Walt Mossberg said in his video, the battery life is much shorter than that of the current iPhone. The battery life for voice using 3G is pretty poor.

4) The backing is plastic on the 3G version and not brushed Steel, not to sure if the plastic will last very well.

5) The iPhone 3G only has a 2 megapixel camera which means it is not a decent camera phone, recording videos is a big no no.

6) With Apple, Carphone Warehouse and O2 not being able to deliver pre-orders online continually without crashing is a pain in the ass. Some O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK have not got a clue what is going on. If they do not know anything how the hell can we trust them.

7) The HTC Touch Diamond, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and the Samsung Omnia seem to be a great comparison, many readers here on Phones Review seem to like these 3 handsets better than the iPhone 3G.

8 ) The chances of getting an iPhone 3G on Friday are pretty slim seeing as they are only stocking a few dozen in store.

These are the 8 reasons why you should not buy the Apple iPhone 3G; personally we are because we want our hands on it so we can give it a full hands on review with pictures and video. We will publish another article on the 8 Reasons why you “Should” buy the Apple iPhone. Come back tomorrow for this.


11 thoughts on “Should I really buy an iPhone 3G? 8 reasons why you shouldn’t”

  1. TheAre says:

    Yes, But you miss the point, IT RUNS ON MAC OS X.
    Does The HTC Touch Diamond, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and the Samsung Omnia run OS X?
    Most People think “hardware” when it comes to choosing a smartphone but what makes a smartphone smart? Not windows Mobile or symbian. Mac OS X on the other hand, Is smart.
    dont take my word for it, try it yourself.

  2. Jack says:

    1. Apart from it has 3G, hence why it is called iPhone 3G
    2. Who cares who knows where you are, you worry when people start following you…
    3. Why does Steve Jobs say it has loads more battery life?
    4. Insurance…
    5. The old one was only 2MP too
    6. Stressing is bad for the heart… chill out!
    7. Are these phones already out? I believe so, no one can officially review the iPhone 3G as it is not yet out!
    8. So wait…

  3. Truth Teller says:


    1. Author apparently does not have a question mark on his keyboard. {Hint: It’s right by the slash)

    2. You can turn GPS off if you don’t want ATT to know where you are. You knew that of course, but you’re obviously spreading FUD.

    3. Battery life is shorter on 3G voice. Ya, but, again, turn that off numbnuts. Only turn 3G on when you are on the web.

    4. Plastic back is supposed to be more scratch resistant than the brushed aluminum version and allows for better reception. Duh!! Do you even bother to read any sites besides your own? (See what I did there with the question mark thingy?)

    5. Camera phone. You kinda have a point with this one. Camera could be better but, you list it as a reason for not buying an iPhone? Really? I know that’s what I base my smartphone purchasing decisions on – how well the camera works! I could care less about everything else baby! Gimme’ a 3MP camera and I’m there!

    6. Pre-orders. Ya Apple can’t deliver reliably on this so they are probably a bunch of crooks. Agreed. Good point. I’m gonna’ put my Mac gear on eBay and refuse to do business with them ever again. Sons-a-bitches!!

    7. You list 3 other phones that are as good or better? You B smokin’ ze good stuff my friend! Chevy’s are just as good as Mercedes too. We all know that.

    8. You say don’t buy one because you MIGHT not be able to get one on Friday? Ya, because EVERYBODY wants one fool!!

  4. Truth Teller

    I know where you are comin from, but if you read the article I did say that I will be buying one. The 8 reasons are general answers what people have said. It does say in the article above “some of the reasons our readers have come up with”.

    Oh and I did say that there will be 8 reasons why you SHOULD buy the iPhone 3G, which we will do tomoz.

    Thanks for your comment though, we respect all our readers and what they have to say.

  5. Greg says:

    If this article prevents people from queueing then I’m happy.

    Somewhat worried about what time I’m gonna have to get to my store.

  6. Tim says:

    Some other reasons,
    Its too big – personally I think it would be good if the iPhone wasn’t any bigger than its screen.

    Its too heavy – 4.5 ounces, 125grams is to heavy.

    Not too sure, but the old iPhone got pretty hot.

  7. Toria says:

    I so so want one of these babies but O2 3g coverage is terrible at home. Would you chaps still get one if you had wifi at home and could utilise 3g elsewhere? Currently with Orange and their coverage is fab – I have heard rumours that Orange will do the iPhone 3G by October this year!!! Let’s hope heh.

  8. this was a terrible article!

    almost all of the reasons are nibbly little things that YOU dont like.

    the first point isnt even a point to be honest. you think people wont want to get a phone because of the free update? version 3.0 is coming out soon…
    why would anyone choose LESS features? (like an iphone with no gps, as apposed to one with) it beats having a phone, AND a sat nav in your car?!

    yeah sure the other 3 phones have better reviews, but if you whip one out at the office, home or with your friends, no one is going to jizz in their pants over it like the iphone.

    why would you buy something after having a personal bash at it?

  9. Some of you guys need to read the article properly before you start commenting. Or maybe like sean said you tits are just little iphone bunny who just get upset over little comments.

    I have a iphone.. I think its a decent boys toy thats all it is… looks good…. music, phone, applications,
    it becomes boring like evey other stuff.

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