Exclusive: Carphone Warehouse offering iPhone 3G upgrade pre-orders

Now this is breaking news and indeed an exclusive scoop because it seems they have beaten O2 to it when it comes to pre-ordering the Apple iPhone 3G

Carphone Warehouse is taking online pre-orders today for the iPhone 3G, but we would say hurry as stocks are limited.

If you pre-order your Apple iPhone 3G today you will get it delivered tomorrow, we MUST stress “BE QUICK”.

Carphone Warehouse has made stock available for their customers who wish to buy the iPhone 3G as an upgrade and there are both 8GB and 16GB models available.

This will not last for long so hurry and click the Carphone Warehouse link below, we are going to try order our one as well and see what happens, we just want to say a big thanks to Carphone Warehouse and love to know what the hell O2 are doing.

Visit Carphone Warehouse


One thought on “Exclusive: Carphone Warehouse offering iPhone 3G upgrade pre-orders”

  1. Johan says:

    I’ve just had the most amazing service. I spoke to someone at CW yesterday about in-store stock supplies. The guy said he’ll phone back on Friday morning to confirm. Well, he just phoned now, we completed the pre-order and it will be delivered free of charge sometime tomorrow. Thanks CW, now I can sleep in a bit longer.

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