Rogers slash iPhone Data Rate after Complaints in Canada

Rogers as we know has slashed or should we say cut data rate when it comes to the iPhone and price complaints spark new subscriber plan.

Rogers Communications Inc are trying so hard to help iPhone customers which we say well done for trying, they are now offering a limited time promotional data rate plan.

The reason they are doing this is to address the complaints they have received about Canadian pricing for the eagerly awaited device. Rogers the wireless kings will give iPhone subscribers, and only those that sign up before Aug. 31 the option of buying a 6-gigabyte data plan for $30 per month in addition to any voice plan.

The cheapest plan before offered just 400 megabytes of data, unlimited evenings and weekends and 150 minutes of weekday talk time and for $60 per month plus fees and taxes.

Obviously plans caused mayhem and sparked a protest from some users who said that the iPhone’s focus on mobile web browsing and of course multimedia would in fact propel users over their caps producing hefty overage charges at the end of each month.

What are your views on this matter?


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