Belgium to only sell unlocked Apple iPhone 3Gs via Mobistar

Apparently in Belgium, the Apple iPhone 3G will be sold unlocked as existing Belgium legislation actually forbids the locking of mobile phones. This means the iPhone 3G can be used over all three of Belgium’s mobile network providers.

However, the Apple iPhone 3G will be sold exclusively through Mobistar which the majority is owned by France telecom, and also authorised Apple resellers.

So the iPhone 3G prices in Belgium are: the 8GB for 525 Euros, that’s $822 US and the 16GB for 615 Euros, which is $963 US.

Price plans are: 3hrs calling or 300 text messages and 200MB data – 30 Euros…6hrs calling or 600 text messages and 500MB data – 45 Euros…9hrs calling or 900 text messages and 1GB data – 60 Euros.

Apparently Belgian legislation also bans sales at a loss. Philip Blenkinsop reported for Reuter… “Mobistar will sell the 8 gigabyte (GB) iPhone for 525 Euros, including sales tax, and the 16 GB model for 615 Euros. The price will be above that in other countries, Chief Executive Benoit Scheen told a news conference on Tuesday. “

Source — Reuters

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