Apple iPhone 3G Sales Says up Yours to Credit Crunch

Many of you may be facing a credit crunch in the U.S and UK but it seems with the mobile phone sales being generated today thanks to Apple makes me think the iPhone 3G sales is saying up yours to the credit crunch.

Now come on if there was a major credit crunch how the hell could so many consumers and businesses afford a top of the range iPhone 3G.

Today so many people are queuing up for this new handset, and probably will do so for the next week, with many of you today queuing up for more than six hours so far tells me the credit crunch crisis is not as bad as one thought.

100 Mortgages have hit a very good point when you think about it, if there was a major credit crunch and of course means tighter budgets, how the hell can we all still afford to pay for a new iPhone, either way you look at it, you can either get the iPhone 3G for free but pay more money a month or you pay £99 for the handset for the lower tariff.

In the way of today it is much harder to get credit and this is why the O2 activation systems has gone spastic, they have to do credit checks and my guess is many of you have been refused.

Think about this, how many of you have taken today of work without pay to buy the iPhone 3G?

Let us know if the credit crunch has affected you because it seems Apple iPhone 3G buyers have no problems at all.

Source — 100 Mortgages

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