Is the iPhone 2.0 update giving you problems? Let us know

The Apple iPhone 2.0 update is not yet official for download but many users of the handset have opted for the unofficial download.

A lot of you have pulled the unofficial download that popped up yesterday, many users thought that this update was the real deal, but oops sorry it is not, it does work fine with the quite-new live App Store though.

Apparently there are a few of you having problems which are persistent; this unofficial update has seen problems like hard resets, interface lag, crashing apps and many others as well.

Engadget reports that the ipsw in question was supposed to be for the iPhone 3G not the current iPhone we already have.

They say that the build number they have for it is 5A347 whereas the iPhone 3G is running build 5A345 on them.

We want to know if you have had any problems with this unofficial download, please do let us know in out comments area provided below.



51 thoughts on “Is the iPhone 2.0 update giving you problems? Let us know”

  1. should have waited says:

    I updated with the non official update. It might be the one intended for the iphone 3G? My camera asked me if I wanted to use my current location?? It didn’t log anything that I could find after I snapped the shot. The phone is reacting slow to my gestures as well. I will restore in itunes and see if it wants me to update?

  2. Conner says:

    I updated with the official update on a non-unlocked att iphone (following all the rules), but now cannot connect to the iTunes store. I keep getting an error -9838. I would rather have waited and still been able to use my phone – thanks a lot apple 🙁

  3. Aaron says:

    My phone is now non-functional.

    I installed the 2.0 software as instructed by iTunes. I have an original iPhone not the g3. I have never unlocked or jail broken my phone. The phone can no longer connect to the itunes store. I cannot make calls or use my phone or sync it to my account.

    A disaster!

  4. john says:

    I went for the official update and everything installs fine until your phone has to be reactivated in iTunes and it will not activate. called apple care and they said to try again later. so essentially i have a brick until my phone can connect with iTunes. apple should have prepared for this

  5. I had also updated using the official version (via iTunes) and now can not activate it. I have shown screen shots of the error I am getting on my blog if you care to look.

  6. Jim says:

    My iPhone is only good for emergency calls now after attempting to upgrade it this morning. It got to the point of connecting to the iTunes store but failed. I ran the diagnostics under iTunes 7.7 and it said it failed at Netwrk Connectivity Tests ‘Secure lint to iTunes Store failed’ and when you attempt to click the associated Help button nothing comes up. Sure would like Apple to provide a solution quickly to this (other than purchase a 3G).

  7. Mikey says:

    I updated via itunes and received the -9838 message cannot connect to itunes store. Now I have no phone and need to go to work. This is ludicrous.

  8. Glenn says:

    Apple, what have you done!!

    I have always had huge respect for Apple, but now that has just halved. Apple must have known there would be tonnes of strain on their servers with a 200MB+ iPhone update, the new iTunes 7.7 update, and millions accessing the all new shiny AppStore. Naughty Apple, how could you not have been prepared. You have the money, you should have tripled your capacity for a month or so. I now have an iPhone which in completely useless until Apple pull their finger out.

    Get it together Apple.

  9. Bryan says:

    New update has frozen older version phone. There is an itunes icon with usb symbol pointing to it with a slider at the bottom of the screen which will allow emergency calls. Itunes fails to correct this when the phone is plugged in.

  10. G Simon says:

    “Brick Friday” totally lame Apple, I was like a kid on Christmas eve, up early, only to “brick” my phone for the day, (I hope it’s just for the day) good job guys!

  11. Preston says:

    Have been trying since 9 central time, kept trying to establish connection, I got another-4 error msg then it worked. I am giddy now. It is still restoring my music and videos, but I got a glimpse of the home page. It looked sweet.

  12. grafzepp says:

    Similar to everyone else… dl’d iTunes, dl’d the 2.0 (this morning Claifornia time) – seemed to dl an install, at the “restore ” stage the connection “timed out” – 9838 I’m pretty sure… I have network connectivity alright, checked that… now the phone does emergency features only, screen asks me to connect to itunes, and when I do I get: “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection was reset. Make sure your network connection is active and try again.”

  13. Javier says:

    I got the same problem!!! i lost all info in my phone
    i just have plastic box with nothing on it.
    I call apple support no one will even answer the phone.

  14. Mike Towers says:

    I to have a phone which has been bricked by the 2.0 update. On Monday I couldn’t complete the dreadfull preorder process and now on Friday I can’t use my existing IPhone at all. Great job O2 and apple !!!!

  15. Peter says:

    Same as Bryan. Upgraded but …
    New update has frozen older version phone. There is an itunes icon with usb symbol pointing to it with a slider at the bottom of the screen which will allow emergency calls. itunes fails to correct (error -4) this when the phone is plugged in.
    Now an expensive useless phone costing me £35 per month

  16. Grant says:

    Apple, who we thought we could trust with updates, has been a complete failure. The iphone is now just for emergency use only. It’s not even a clock at this point. Sure glad I paid top dollar for the first generation. No wonder they dropped the price.

  17. Terry Godber says:

    Same thing, official update, all well until connection to iTunes store then error message -4. This maybe the time to revert back to PC’s and Microsoft !!! Apple get your act together !

  18. dredlinx says:

    I also just did update, and same problems. What are they gonna do now. I need my phone asap and to have something like this happen. 🙁

  19. Noel says:

    This is not cool!!!! I tried updating my phone this morning and now it’s only good for emergency calls!!! iTunes gives me a message that my network settings are wrong and I need to check them, but I’m still able to connect to the iTunes store and to the web!!!!!!

  20. grafzepp says:

    I “war-dialed” until I managed to complete the update process.. FWIW.. I do’t thnk I connected to the front-end of the iTunes Store, as it never showed up, but clearly a connectin was made… my phone was activated… I needed to give my voicemail password again before visual voice mail would work, I needed to set my settings and re-enter my email account (was .mac, now .me) – it sync’d over the air and I got contacts/calendars… not photos or music, of course…
    Good luck to all!

  21. Mark says:

    I updated my phone to 2.0 at 11.30 this morning (old model) & ever since, all I’ve had is emergency calls only. can’t recognose my phone in itunes & says that my server connection is incorrect, even though i click on itunes store on the main interface, it lets me connect.

    the whole process has been farcical, from trying to order a phone on monday right up to this

  22. Tom says:

    Its finally started syncing after approx 100 rehits on the iphone logo… I know where the party is now… it was like being back in the 80’s again.

  23. john says:

    happy to say my iphone just activated after seven hours of waiting but finally being persistent of keeping the connection live it paid off. i guess just be patient but this is a major slip up and it is unacceptable.

  24. Alex says:

    I updated to iTunes version 7.7 then tried updating my iPhone to version 2.0 the update failed mid-stream “unknown error (-50)”. I then tried to restore to 1.1.4 but that failed also “unknown error occured (20)” so am now left with an iPhone that is stuck in restore mode.

    Hopefully Apple will solve the problem soon in the mean time without a phone. Hopefully the issue will resolve itself after the upload demand subsides. I am going to use a backup phone in the mean time.

    Thanks Mr. Jobs.

  25. Jason says:

    I downloaded iTunes 7.7 and was prompted to update the iPhone to 2.0, but it did nothing. Looks like maybe I was lucky … But now my iTunes library is empty. Nice job, Apple. Maybe you should’ve ironed out the bugs before your big cash-in at existing users’ expense. Losers.

  26. Liam says:

    People, My iPhone thinks I am in California, when I can assure you I am not!

    I, along with many of you, had to suffer the frustration and upset at how yesterday was handled. I finally got sorted out late last night and have been enjoying the App store ever since. Everything is fine with my phone and have synced a number of times since 2.0.

    But, why does my iphone think I am in California, right now (12:06 GMT) my phone is reading 04:06 Sat 12th. I am not in California, I am just outside London, and it is not some dark hour in the middle of the night, there is much light outside…

    I do however have the time in time setting for London, this is, of course correct, but when I sync with itunes the time does not update? Is Apple trying to control time now? Anyone with an idea of what to do short of trying a full restore?

    Cheers Liam

  27. Tony says:

    I updated by original Iphone that has never been “jailbroken” yesterday. I downloaded the Itunes 7.7 then iI began the the version 2.0 update. Within a short period of time I got an error message and has since been stuck in recovery mode. It is totally useless. I AM DEAD IN THE WATER NOW WHAT!

  28. Bob Sams says:

    The iPhone 2.0 software download can’t get past 50 megabytes and then freezes. I’m using the latest iTunes on a Windows XP Pro machine. I just downloaded multiple gigabytes without a hitch so I think my network stuff is okay.

    Any suggestions?


  29. Daniel says:

    I also down loaded the 2.0 software update and I am now having problems with my email. When I check for email it keep say it’s connecting and never does. I have deleted all my email accounts and reinstalled them with no luck. I checked the software version # and it’s reads
    2.0 (5A347) So it is the correct one according to some of the post here. Everything else work great! Anyone else having problems with their email?

    Dan E.

  30. David Kingscott says:

    My current iphone 3G and previous iphone have both shut themselves down and no longer operate. I am contacting apple and 02 tomorrow, you may think i have done something wrong, but i have not, i am on contract and since they released the apple 2.0 software with applications store, they have both crashed and no longer turn on at all. I cannot be the only one and this will hit Apple big!

  31. timblewee says:

    This is a joke!!! I updated my phone without any problems that others have experienced, but now I wish I hadn’t bothered. The software really buggy. The phone resets itself at every opportunity, some programs will not even load and these are embedded ones not App store downloads. Don’t even get me started on the App Store. None of the programs I downloaded paid or free are working 100% of the time.

    Has anyone else noticed that their signal strength has suffered since upgrading, I have always had 5 bars of signal with o2 here in the UK, since upgrading I have between 2-3 bars. Plus my wi-fi connection is weaker used to work in the garden but not now. The battery life is worst too.

    I have had my iPhone for 8 months and could have counted the times I have had to reset on one hand, that was until 2.0. Now if I needed to count I would need my hands, feet and most of my family’s digits and that’s in just 3 days.

    Apple had better pull their finger out and release an update to correct this. A very poor show indeed!!!

  32. Michael says:

    I am with timblewee. I have noticed that my original iPhone’s signal strength has suffered terribly. I am now dropping calls where I had never dropped them before and I have no bars where I have always had a full signal.


  33. henry says:

    My phone doesnt work

    I installed the 2.0 software as it said in iTunes. I have an original iPhone not the g3. I have never unlocked or jail broken my phone. The phone can no longer connect to the itunes store. I cannot make calls or use my phone or sync it to my account.

    A disaster!
    plz tell me what i have to do plz

  34. Michael says:


    Apple suggested that I do a restore in iTunes. I tried it and although that seemed to help my problems. There are 2 was to do it once you restore. Restore from backup or activate as a new phone. They suggested to activate as a new phone but if you do you lose everything. I went with the restore from backup first because I had several notes in text messages that I really did not want to lose. It seems to back to normal. Give that a try and see if it helps.


  35. Diane S. says:

    Since updating to 2.0 on my original iPhone I’m having issues with my phone not retrieving email unless I shut it down and reboot it– argh! This is NOT cool. What’s the point of an update if it just bogs down our productivity?

    Anyone find a solution for this?

  36. Liam says:

    Hi Diane

    I just got a message from the Mobile Me team apologizing for the issues getting the web applications up and running. I AM now getting push from the cloud, but since my 2.0 update I have restored through iTunes. I would recommend doingvthis and then you may find that things smooth themselves out today. I think the main problem has been Apple trying to perform too many things at once. People have thoughtthere has been a problem with their hardware, when I think most (if not all) of the problems have been at Apples end. Good luck with your restore. Liam

  37. timblewee says:

    Useless absolutely useless!!! I’m getting quite angry about this so called upgrade now. I have discovered that I can stop my phone crashing but only by uninstalling all 3rd party apps off my phone. This is really p*****g me off because I paid for most of them. Apple are completely unhelpful and customer support say that they do not guarantee that software will work 100% on all devices. This really bugs me as the whole point of the app store and the sdk according to Steve Jobs was to ensure that buggy software wouldn’t compromise the device. Plus since the iphone is a closed system I would assume that all iphones would be the same (software speaking) except for user data which shouldn’t interfere with applications.

    Now I have uninstalled itunes and reinstalled it. I have removed all apps from the phone and restored it.

    This has stopped the crashing but by god the OS is still buggy. The whole thing is less responsive, there is a definite lag in the UI, the screen doesn’t acknowledge that I have touched it at times requiring repeated presses of buttons. Programs don’t load as fast, the screen animations are jerky and the keyboard can’t keep up with my typing any more (which I do with 1 finger so I’m not talking 100 wpm here). There is also still the signal strength problem which is driving me mad. Prior to 2.0 at home I had 5 bars always (no exception) now I am getting on average 2-3 bars sometimes dropping to no service (not even emergency calls) and sometimes full strength (but not often).

    As I don’t use mobileme or exchange there isn’t really any benefit to 2.0 apart from the app store and since I can’t use that without compromising the stability of my phone I think I will go back to 1.1.4.

    Against all the problems I have I think I can live without a scientific calculator, saving images from the net and mass deleting emails (which BTW only works for me in BIN and not Inbox).

    To Apple I can only say this update is a bag of b******s and extremely disappointing considering the time you made us wait for it. The app store has been a complete disaster and waste of money to me. I don’t think any of this will matter though since you’ve shifted 1,000,000 iphone 3gs in 3 days and was it 6,000,000 iphone 1st gens sold. Some of them must be happy.

  38. GDM says:

    There appears to be serious problems with the Mail application in iPhone OS 2.0.

    I waited in line last year on June 29th, 2007 for the first iPhone on the first day and have generally been ecstatic. Until July 11th, when I upgraded to iPhone OS 2.0.

    I own two first generation 8 GB iPhones.

    Each phone accesses a Gmail account, a MobileMe account, a Yahoo account and a BellSouth pop account. With versions of the firmware prior to OS 2.0, I had absolutely no problems receiving and sending email with any of these accounts. After upgrading to the 2.0 firmware, I can only go short periods of sending and receiving email both over edge and WiFi before, the mail refuses to send or receive any further messages, often continuously displaying the “Connecting…” wheel at the bottom of the screen, but never connecting. The only solution, which is not really a solution as it is only a variable short term work around, is to power off the iPhone and power it back on again. This is simply unacceptable, especially considering that prior versions of the firmware did not exhibit this behavior. Please see this Apple Support thread:


  39. pressy says:

    Apple update 2.N0 reliability… Didn’t actually reach the phone updating part… When iTunes was updated to the 7.7 version it totally refused to recognize my phone… Then I can’t even connect to iTunesusic store….tisk tisk Apple… We definitely got a bitten apple…indeed..

  40. Chris A says:

    I’m new to the iPhone and have the 3G. Works great, MUCH better than Win Mobile but a little more buggy than Blackberry and more buggy than I’d expect from Apple. I do suffer with the occasional resets issues but the bigger pain is email. After a while of getting email and sending it connects and all I ever get is it saying it’s connecting but never does so I have to reboot the dang thing. Anybody know of a realistic fix for this?

  41. I ran the update last night and it erased my entire contact list!!!
    My jabra bluetooth works normaly in everything except the voicemail, there is no sources option in voicemail.

    When i started adding my contacts it associated them with random pics from my pictures.

  42. Lucy says:

    I updated my 1st generation iPhone (not the new 3G) to the new version 2.0 and when I call people people can’t hear me!!! Plus if I’m using Safari it closes by itself… I am NOT happy. I want to go back to my earlier version and would like for someone to explain how this can be done. Please help……

  43. i have a 2g iphone and i unlock it using quickpwnage. when i was done everything was working fine because i unlocked it correctly. but i wanted to do more to it i wanted to jailbreak it [even tho it was already jailbroken i didnt know that] so i used the same pwnage program again and all it did was fck it up so i restored my iphone and erything was back to normal to the emergency mode so i had to start all over . so i used the pwnage again and this time it woodnt work for some reason i tried EVERYTHING ! and i cant get it out of emergency mode. i can steal make and recieve calls and recieve text messages but i can not txt back and get to my main menu. its stuck on emergency mode. ive restored it many times and it wont work. WHAT DO I DO ?!?!??! help please !

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