Apple iPhone 3G is it just a mobile phone or not? Video

With all the frenzied coverage Apple and the iPhone 3G are receiving one would honestly think the iPhone 3G is some miraculous life saving new invention that will bring about world peace and take the world into the future as a loving and kind experience to all people.

Okay, maybe that is going a tad overboard, but when you actually sit down and think reasonably, what is the Apple iPhone 3G? It is simply a mobile phone, it will not solve all life’s little problems, it will not make quality of life any better…IT IS JUST A MOBILE PHONE!

So let’s take a light hearted glance at the iconic mobile phone with Eric Spillman who tries his utmost to be a reporter in a TV show and walked along a line of would be iPhone 3G hopefuls just before the launch, and tried to get across that same message…the Apple iPhone is just a mobile phone.

Take a look at the video below to see the reaction…

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