Cheaper international calls from Truphone for the iPhone: Video

One of the useful apps to hit Apple’s AppStore is one that had been designed to provide low-cost international calls for the users of the Apple iPhone; this app is called Truphone for the iPhone.

With Truphone an iPhoner can apparently make calls to any number over the internet rather than over GSM.

Truphone offers the user competitive charges for international calls which include landlines in forty countries. Charges are set at GBP 0.03, that’s about USD 0.06 per minute for landline, and mobile will be GBP .15, which is about USD 0.30 per minute. To the USA, Canada, and even China, calls to mobiles are only GBP 0.03 which is USD 0.06 per minute.

Truphone’s CEO, James Tagg says: “With just a few clicks to download and install Truphone, anyone can afford to take their iPhone on holiday this summer – or call their friends and family abroad.”

You can acquire Truphone by visiting the Apple AppStore.

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