British Airways Apple iPhone App: Going to other devices

Here’s some news for those frequent flyers out there, a program has been developed by British Airways for the Apple iPhone 3G which will allow the user to check flight arrivals and departures, and could well be rolled out to other mobile phones as well.

Apparently IT staff at British Airways developed the new application using the Apple Developers Kit.

CIO of British Airways, Paul Coby says: “In principle we could roll it out to other phones. There’s nothing formal yet but I suspect there’s going to be a lot of interest. I expect a lot of people will follow us but it was important to be the first. The arrivals and departures schedule is one piece of information that we have made available and we are looking at what the possibilities are.”

Apparently the IT staff took the arrivals and departures fragment of the website and reworked it to suit the Apple iPhone 3G, the iPhone’s 3G architecture interrogates British Airways operational databases and then provides the iPhone 3G with the necessary information.

The Apple iPhone 3G was chosen by British Airways due to its image says Coby, and states: “We all know from what’s happening around us that it’s probably the coolest thing you can buy at the moment in technology. We think it fits very well with our brand. We want to be innovators in the air and online as well.”

A good step forward by British Airways to make airport life a tad easier it would seem.

Source — computerweekly

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