Alibaba says Open Sesame and unlocks the iPhone 3G in China

They do seem to be fast moves over in China, and to be honest it was expected although not this soon. On July 1th, Apple iPhone 3G day, the iPhone 2.0 software was unlocked in China, and now there is news that a Chinese website is already selling unlocked iPhone 3G’s.

And with unlocked iPhone 3G’s comes an unlocked order of 1000 iPhone 3G handsets, order that quantity and they will fulfil the order. I’m not sure anywhere else in the world could actually get away with this sort of thing, but the Chinese seem to be doing the big brands over and over and getting away with it.

The website, Alibaba can do virtually anything they like simply because of the rather bizarre copyright laws in China. Apparently Alibaba (by the way that is such an apt name!) can supply the original Apple devices that come via a business going under the name of Union Camera.

So Alibaba can supply, one wonders if his forty thieves are already working on other top brand mobiles to steal.

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One thought on “Alibaba says Open Sesame and unlocks the iPhone 3G in China”

  1. Lou says:

    Alibaba is not the company that is selling iPhone, they are a global trading site for suppliers. Union Camera are a listed member selling the iPhone.
    Essentially consider it to be ebay for suppliers.

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