Golfer Greg Norman caught using mobile phone whilst driving

The Australian golfer Greg Norman has had a slap on the wrist by the police for using his mobile phone whilst driving.

Greg Norman was on his way to the British Open at Royal Birkdale when he was spotted by the police using his mobile phone whilst driving his Range Rover, he was chatting with his wife Chris Evert.

Greg Norman escaped a fine and was just given a stiff caution, the multi-millionaire was pulled over by the police office and 53-year old Norman said that he just took a quick call from his wife.

Greg who only married three weeks ago in the Bahamas managed to talk his way out of getting a STG60 ($A123) fine and only got a stiff warning.

Norman said two things to the police officer, “First, that I did not realise it was an offence to use a mobile phone while driving, and second that I had only been on it for 30 seconds to take a quick message from my wife.

“To be fair, he was very understanding but said that he had to go through all the paperwork.

“He gave me a caution but there was no fine or anything like that. Effectively, I was slapped on the wrist and told not to do it again.”

Do you think Greg Norman should have got a fine to set an example to other drivers using mobile phones whilst driving?



One thought on “Golfer Greg Norman caught using mobile phone whilst driving”

  1. J.Fulcher says:

    Greg Norman has no excuse. The crime has been well publicised, apart from any driver must be aware that the very act is distracting enough without being told so, like some ignoraramous. Is it possible that the police who stopped him were overwhelmed by the fame of their catch?

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