Will new Apple iPhone 2.0.1 OS Fix bugs in current 2.0 firmware?

We all know that the current iPhone 2.0 as some major flaws like freezing devices, prolonged apps opening up etc, you get what I mean. Well you will be happy to know Apple is testing a brand new OS.

Apple is testing iPhone 2.0.1 OS which is the all new firmware that they have in the works. The current 2.0 update has only been official for about a week and Apple is quick of the mark by testing another.

We have seen a screenshot that clearly shows iPhone 2.0.1 OS up and running on an iPhone via Apple Insider, apparently all original iPhone devices will be working with iPhone 2.0.1 OS build 5B101 and the iPhone 3G devices may possibly be running iPhone 2.0.1 OS build 5B103.

iphone firmware update

Hopefully with all the mayhem flying around at the moment with iPhone 2.0 maybe the all new Apple iPhone 2.0.1 OS will bring some bug fixes (Here is hoping hey).

No one knows other than Apple what this new firmware will bring us, it may possible bring bug fixes, additional features and much more, but then again it might be just like the last firmware update which could bring even more trouble, who knows.

What would you like to see come from the all new Apple iPhone 2.0.1 OS?



6 thoughts on “Will new Apple iPhone 2.0.1 OS Fix bugs in current 2.0 firmware?”

  1. Warren says:

    I just want my iphone to work the way it use to. I depend on it for my job and not being able to sync the calendar is becoming troublesome.
    The fix can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. jake says:

    i agree with warren….. i would just enjoy my old iphone to work again….but having all the apps and games would be nicer….. is anyone getting a message saying that “this accesory is not made to work with the iphone would you like to turn on airplane mode to reduce audio interference. you will not be able to make or recieve calls.”
    and my speakers wont work either… im starting to hate apple

  3. Ronda says:

    > Apple is testing iPhone 2.0.1 OS which is the all
    > new firmware that they have in the works.

    It is *NOT* “all new”. It’s 99% of the same… with a few minor bug fixes.

    Why is there always so much false info on phoneReview.co.uk????

  4. timblewee says:


    I had the, “this accessory is not made to work….”, message keep appearing. With my phone it was because I had been using it with an old Dension ICELink in my car. Something with this device alters something in the iphone causing the message to appear intermittently. An iphone restore corrected the problem and of course stopping using the ICELink in my car until I buy an iphone compatible version.

    As for update 2.0.1 this cannot come soon enough, I don’t need any more features at the moment. Just give me an OS that works like 1.1.4. If you can’t do that Apple let me go back to 1.1.4 please.

  5. sahlie says:

    please help! anyone can tell me how to fix bugs in my iphone 8g.. i installed HWpen more than a week and then i uninstall it after removing it my iphone hung and it cannot open until now.. please anyone who can fix my iphone please let me know..thanks!

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