Rogers Rumour: Not selling BlackBerry Bold for $199, will be $299

There was news that BlackBerry Bold was going to be sold by Rogers for $199; well sorry apparently this is not to be.

Rogers the Canadian carriers was apparently going to sell the Bold for $199 only on a three year plan which come on is an amazing bargain, but sorry this looks like to be false information.

New information in that we found via Mobile Whack suggests that Rogers will set a price for the BlackBerry Bold at $299 with a three year plan.

This is still a fantastic price for such a good smartphone so do not be too disappointed, this is around the same price as the iPhone 3G and maybe the BlackBerry Bold will get much better plans.

We have said that the BlackBerry Bold has been delayed until August, but further information suggests that July 25th is looking good.

If you know the exact date then please let us know, we have tried to find this info out and got no where, maybe companies hate emailing people who knows.

The question is “Will you be buying the BlackBerry Bold, if so why?


One thought on “Rogers Rumour: Not selling BlackBerry Bold for $199, will be $299”

  1. Whoaaa nelly….. 299 is a great price for what length of my life do I have to give you? 3 years? while the rest of the world has a fair 2 yrs. technology is changing upon the already fast changing technology, that 3 yrs while arleady unfair, legally UNREASONABLE imo, is ludicrious. In 1 yr they’ll be pulling wimax phones I expect.

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