SE Scoop: Sony Ericsson Alicia reveals itself as the W707

Remember about a month ago we told you about the Sony Ericsson Alicia where we also provided you with a video to watch, well we have found more information on what the real name will be.

Oh yes this is the SE Scoop, The Sony Ericsson mobile phone codenamed “Alicia” is a flip-phone which was pretty mysterious and of course not a lot of info on this baby.

Well it has been revealed according to the source below that the flip phone Alicia will be part of the Walkman range, which when you think about it looking at the picture below the big “W” should have given this away.


Well we know about this even if many other blogs do not, the new name of this mobile phone will be called the “Sony Ericsson W707”, and must admit we did not know this.

The specifications and features are still in the dark, but what we do know is that the handset will have a 3.2-megapixel camera but no auto-focus; it apparently has internal and external display screens.

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