Virgin Mobile Strip: Should Teens Strip2Clothe for Charity?

Virgin Mobile last week launched a brand new Strip2Clothe campaign, new national Web campaign that is basically asking kids to strip.

Virgin Mobile are encouraging teens to post striptease videos online, and all of this is for charity. They are asking kids to post videos of themselves and in return clothing companies will provide donations of brand new clothes.

They companies will provide clothes based on how many times the videos are viewed, the Strip2Clothe has a tagline which is “You take off yours, we donate ours.”

Parents need not worry about kids getting naked because no full nudity is allowed, but we can see many parents going mental that their loved teens are being asked to strip to provide clothes for charity.

This world is full of people sexually exploiting kids and we wonder if is in the same category.

Virgin Mobile is partnered with the National Network for Youth who are a lobbying group that originally partnered with Virgin Mobile on the campaign.

Virgin Mobile did say that this is all in good taste, “fun but not salacious,” we stand by our campaign. Watch a couple of the many videos below. You can read about this campaign in full via Strip2Clothe

Do you think teens should strip for charity? And is the Strip2Clothe ad campaign offensive or fun?


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