The Dark Knight app swoops onto iPhone at App Store

The latest blockbuster movie The Dark Knight will soon be upon us all whether Batman fan or not we are going to see The Dark Knight everywhere we look. And to help market the Caped Crusader, where better to place him than on the Apple iPhone.

Yes Bat-freaks there is now an iPhone application available through Apple’s App Store that will let you take your Batman enthusiasm that bit further but allowing you to make yourself look as crazy as Batman’s arch villain the Joker.

Once you have the app simply snap a picture of yourself on your iPhone and apply some cool Joker-ish style makeup and all with the touch of your finger.

The Dark knight iPhone application is much the same sort of app as the Pirate app which ushered in National Pirate Day last year, so let’s hope this doesn’t mean a National Batman Day will ensue. So if you want a “Dark” makeover pop along to the Apple App Store and grab the app.

Source — intomobile

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