Fight brewing between O2 and Apple over iPhone 3G shortages?

Maybe the boxing gloves are being readied between O2 and Apple over supplies of the iPhone 3G. Although O2 has dismissed any suggestion that they are on a collision course with Apple over iPhone 3G stock shortages.

The problem apparently is while Apple seemingly has an abundant supply of the iconic mobile handset, O2 and Carphone Warehouse seems to have been left out in the cold, and left waiting a lengthy time for a second delivery.

Apparently a source has revealed that “O2 has been put on a back foot by Apple’s plan.”

An O2 spokesperson was quick to deny that the problem has caused resentment between O2 and Apple, and says: “Apple can’t do upgrades in their store, so that’s one of the reasons we have sold out more quickly. Every O2 store in the country had stock. We were expecting a huge demand and we’re confident that we will fulfil demand by the end of the summer.”

It appears the disaster of iPhone Friday coupled with the problems of low stock along with both Apple and O2 system glitches hasn’t put people off or reduced the high demand for the Apple iPhone 3G.
Are you satisfied? Has the O2 store near you run out of iPhone stock? If so let us know about it.

Source — mobiletoday


2 thoughts on “Fight brewing between O2 and Apple over iPhone 3G shortages?”

  1. I think you are so right here.

    All of our local O2 stores, Tunbridge Wells, Kent have sold out & no one knows when they will be getting more stock in.

    On the other hand, Apple Bluewater has a choice of all the flavours in stock!….No use to me a long term business O2 customer.
    Guess how I feel about this?

  2. Gary Bradley says:

    I ordered “one of the last 1000 iphones remaining in the country” over a week ago from my local Carphone Warehouse, being told before I left the shop that I definitely had one and it would be delivered on Wednesday or Friday of last week… Not only was it still not delivered today, but to make matters worse I was Informed that Carphone Warehouse have NO IPHONES left at their central distribution centre. No attempt to explain how my iPhone vanished and no idea when it might be delivered. Yet I saw people walking into an Apple Store at the weekend and walking out with iPhones!

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