3 month wait for European replenishment of iPhone 3G?

Get ready Europe, because just like the US you too are going to feel the shortage of Apple iPhone 3G handsets, which is turning into one major shortage by the sounds of it. Makes one wonder if Apple put any thought whatsoever into just how many iPhone 3G’s would be in demand doesn’t it?

In America there are no iPhone 3G handsets left in stock, you can go into an AT&T store and order an Apple iPhone 3G but that’s about it.

Once you have handed over your hard earned cash you can expect a wait between ten to twenty days before you actually set eyes on your most wanted possession, but you will eventually get it.

As for Europe, well even more bad news and a long wait ahead because apparently the word is the Apple iPhone 3G stocks will not be replenished across Europe until October, which means a long old three month wait.

Apparently this replenishing information was leaked by an Apple insider to a German magazine, all one can hope for is that Apple get their fingers out and begin increasing iPhone 3G production and hasten delivery, and remember, there’s another 48 countries line up for the iPhone 3G who are patiently waiting.

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One thought on “3 month wait for European replenishment of iPhone 3G?”

  1. That’s a really long wait.

    I heard from colleagues that the o2 shop was jam packed with people not acquiring their iPhone 3G when he was just going in for a quick phone charge.

    Must wonder what Apple are thinking since they knew this phone would be a big hit…but didn’t have sufficient amount? Just seems unreasonable.

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