Gameloft signs deal with Chuck Norris for action mobile game

Any Chuck Norris fans out there? This is for you and of course anyone other mobile games. Gameloft has announced a licensing agreement with none other than American action movie hero Chuck Norris and are launching “Chuck Norris: bring on the Pain” mobile game in August.

According to Gameloft…gamers should expect “a sweeping round house kick to all that is evil.”
Gamers can play as Chuck Norris or Commando Chuck and you will be up against the combined forces of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il with the objective of defeating Communism.

Gamers will need to kill all the bad guys of course but along the way you can punch down buildings with your fists (clever trick that) and burn forests with your gun.

Thanks to the cool avatar feature the gamer can add a little personalisation to the game by inserting their own face or that of a friend, and placing it on an enemy body so Chuck Norris can smash it to bits. (Sounds like fun, especially if you can get a photo of your sworn enemy…maybe your boss?)

Source — intomobile

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