Deaths by lightning are mobile phones to blame?

It is always in the news about mobile phones being blamed for one health issue or another from murdering honey bees to nuking our brains with deadly electromagnetic radiation. With the mobile phone spreading across the globe is isn’t difficult to draw casual correlations between mobile phones and health issues.

Unfortunately the past two weeks has seen in excess of a dozen deaths in Russia the reason is they were struck by bolts of lightning, the most recent being last week. Reports have been made that some of these unfortunates were using a mobile phone or music player when struck. This of course leads some to believe that the “electromagnetic fields surrounding these gadgets are directly causing the lighting strikes.”

Leonid Tarkov of the weather observation centre FOBOS states: “These things are electromagnetic field carriers. That makes them, in essence, conductors. Thunderbolts are frequently attracted to such things, and hits are often connected with a lethal outcome.”

Yes ok, well fortunately most of the scientific community is of another opinion and the mobile phones are most likely not the cause and wouldn’t be the cause of a direct lightning strike.

Source — CNN

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