TyTN II gains full video hardware acceleration: Video

Apparently the people at HTCClassAction haven’t been sitting on their butts twiddling their thumbs after the drama involving the Kaiser/TyTnII/Tilt’s obvious lack of video drivers. Although HTC isn’t releasing a full set of drivers apparently the HTCClassicAction hackers are!

The hackers are still basically at the “proof of concept” stage at the moment but the concept is “proven”and thus full video hardware acceleration is now working on a TyTN II handset.

Quote: “OK folks, here it is! A few hours later than projected, but still: OpenGL ES and D3D drivers (non-fullscreen) for the kaiser!”

“Before continuing, we would like to stress yet again, because there seems to be a little confusion here and there: these drivers are not finished, this is a work-in-progress. This is not a fix-all solution!. Currently the only things that are supported are hardware-accelerated D3D and OpenGL ES. These drivers are merely a release you can ‘play’ with, and prove it can be done. How many real-world applications will work with it remains to be seen, and we expect the users in the community will gather a list of these rather quickly. – HTCClassAction.org – Because HTC dropped the ball, and it’s about time they pick it up!”

Video below:

Source — wmexperts

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