iPhone 3G Dock and universal adapters at Apple stores and online

So you’ve already throw $199.00 or $299.00 Apple’s way for your iPhone 3G mobile handset, well that is if you have actually manage to locate one, or you spend the best part of iPhone Friday standing in a boring queue. And for those iPhoner’s that fell in Apple love with the original iPhone Dock it isn’t.

Well iPhone Dock lovers the world over, now is your chance to throw some more hard earned cash in Apple’s direction, as the official iPhone 3G Dock has now appeared and up for grabs on Apple’s website.

Oh, and if you really want to make Apple’s grin much wider then you’ll throw them the nine bucks for a 3 pack of Apple iPhone 3G universal adapters to slip into your shiny now iPhone 3G Dock.

Apparently the Apple iPhone 3G Dock and its universal adapters have been in Apple stores since iPhone Friday. Well considering it might take to grab one if you visit a store maybe the online route will be faster. That’s if they haven’t run out of stock like the handsets though!

Source — wired

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