Official Windows Mobile 6.1 update for Touch and Mogul at last!

At last, after a few less than unofficial upgrades, HTC and Sprint have finally pulled their fingers out and blessed the mobile populace with the official deal on the Touch and Mogul, and it is about time too.

If we look at the Mogul first, it gains Sprint TV, well at least it’s an official update right? But don’t expect a patch to miraculously turn it into a Touch Pro or you’ll be disappointed.

The Touch fares a tad better with the Windows Mobile 6.1 update which includes integrated Opera, new on-screen QWERTY keyboard, EV-DO Rev, and Sprint Navigation. So it is worth the few minutes of your valuable time downloading the update and getting it all running.

One thing though…Apparently they have been pulled for the time being, so I guess it’s a case of keeping your eye on the HTC support site for when they come back, which is apparently this week.

Source — HTC & Mogul

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