Naughty but nice how to hack iPhone 3G into a modem

Ok so how about this, linking your Apple iPhone handset so you can go online from your laptop through your 3G iPhone, sound good? I bet it does, but sorry to say at present that still remains beyond the realms of possibility, well officially anyway.

However, according to cre.ations.net unofficially it is possible but it would mean potentially getting yourself into a spot of trouble as you would most definitely be breaking some terms of service.

So bear in mind if AT&T finds out you’ll probably end up having your account terminated. To achieve the unthinkable you need to hack your iPhone 3G, so jailbreak it for now with the Pwnage Tool 2.0.1, yes that version was released today.

Once jailbroken install 3Poxy and Terminal, and then with your laptop create a WiFi network and link with your iPhone. When you locate your iPhone IP address, open Terminal and run the proxy program. Next open safari on the iPhone and open a webpage.

Finally configure the laptop’s browser for the proxy, and bang, job done. The iPhone 3G will work as a modem now.

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