O2 say considerable iPhone 3G stock coming Friday 25th

Now not ones for rocking the boat but we say in advance that when O2 state that they will be getting a considerable amount of iPhone 3G stock on Friday 25th can they really supply customers by the masses.

The O2 site says that they will update us as soon as they have more information and that if you have an existing iPhone you can still enjoy the features by downloading the 2.0 upgrade, yeah right O2, do you realize the troubles we have had since this crappy update.

O2 are saying sorry that they cannot meet demand, personally O2 you do not need to say sorry it should indeed be Apple saying sorry, O2 say it is definitely worth the wait, well we say “IS IT”.

O2 has a long list of all the stores that have the Apple iPhone 3G stock as at opening time Monday 21st July, please check the list out here. The list will be updated daily.

They say that as from the 25th they are hoping to open their online upgrade shop for existing customers, customers with the iPhone 3G can activate using iTunes, yes you may see ‘Activation cannot be completed without service.’ But you may have to wait two to three days to activate.

Phones Review Says:

Personally all the hype has faded for us; we were all up for getting the iPhone 3G and indeed did queue up for a considerable amount of time. We say to all our readers, forget about the iPhone 3G for about 2 months. The reason we say forget about it for that amount of time is because the hype would have passed, the queues would be non-existent and activation process would be very quick indeed.


One thought on “O2 say considerable iPhone 3G stock coming Friday 25th”

  1. Matt Wilkinson says:

    In answer to the question that you pose, “IS IT” worth the wait for the 3G i-Phone, the answer is YES.

    There is quite simply no other device on the market that has this quality of user interface, functionality, ease of use, and dare I say it…looks!

    The hype may have faded for you but for the vast majority of users I very much doubt that this is the case.

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