Pre-release hands-on of the Samsung i788 BlackJack III: Video

There’s been quite some talk over the net waves on the Samsung i788 mobile phone for some time now, and now thanks to WMExperts, we also know the Samsung i788 will be available on AT&T and will be marketed as the BlackJack III.

Rumoured as the Treo-killing mobile device, the Samsung i788 is actually a Samsung i780 that has been configured with correct frequencies for AT&T’s 3G, and should hopefully see its US debut sometime in October.

Those that are awaiting for the Samsung BlackJack III can expect all the usual specs such as WiFi, 320 x 320 touch-screen, 3 megapixel camera, 528MHz processor, GPS receiver and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional keeping it all neatly in order.

Bottom line is the Samsung i788/BlackJack III is what one could call the perfect Windows Mobile smartphone for those that wish to more beyond the Treo. Thing that might be you then take a look at the video below.

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